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Trunks USSJ by agustinlp24
Dragon Ball Z - Otosan? by RedViolett
DBZ - AU Story: Downfall - Take care by RedViolett
DBZ - Just Vegebul by RedViolett
Capsule Corp
Saiyan Royalty by trunkims
Trunks and Bra- The Capsule Corp. Heirs- Colored by trunkims
DBZ - Father and Daughter by RedViolett
DBZ - Vegebul - Take responisbility by RedViolett
Namek Bulma Cosplay by UncannyMegan
Namek Bulma Cosplay by UncannyMegan
Anime Fan Fest 2016: Bulma by Hoshisama
Dragonball Bulma Cosplay by Kuchendiebin
FABULOUS MAJIN. by dbz-senpai
The prince of all saiyans by KKtelo
COMMISSION: Vegeta by longlovevegeta
DBZ - GUUR - Bershamania - Ask Fayeth/Vegeta by RedViolett
B L U E . by dbz-senpai
Trunks- Adonis  by trunkims
Trunks Basketball by trunkims
Trunks- quick sketch by trunkims
Sexy Bra/Bulla in Goten's Clothing by trunkims
Bra/Bulla by trunkims
Capsule Corp Magazine Issue No. 1 by trunkims
~Sugar~ by dbz-senpai
Good Guys
Gohan SSJ4 (Adult GT) by hsvhrt
Goku Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan by hsvhrt
Uub Gi by hsvhrt
Gogeta SSJ4 and Burapan by NovaSayajinGoku
too evil by dbz-senpai
Baby Hatchiyack by hsvhrt
Tao bai bai - Killer by NovaSayajinGoku
Super Android 18 ready to fight by NovaSayajinGoku
Group Pics
Dragon Ball Super Drawing by PikachuStar93
Innocent Child and Trouble-maker. by dbz-senpai
Some GoChi. by dbz-senpai
Down time with the kids by trunkims
Fan Comics and Doujinshi
DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home - Luck 9 Page 17 by RedViolett
BxV doujinshi: Redemption - page 1 by Supasayajin
BxV doujinshi: Redemption - page 2 by Supasayajin
BxV doujinshi: Redemption - page 3 by Supasayajin
Trunks and Marron Take 2 by trunkims
Pan and Trunks... The Proposal by trunkims
Trunks and Pan- Sneaky Kiss by trunkims
COMM: Marron and Trunks By AkubakaArts by trunkims
General Fanfiction
Animation practice: Tail flick by nial-09
King Cold and Mech-eta Cold (redraw) by Brinx-dragonball
Hitozaru (SSJ 4) in SSJ Form by Brinx-dragonball
Skortho Death Pod by Brinx-dragonball
Bills and Whis by PikachuStar93
Bills Keychain by PikachuStar93
Champa Keychain by PikachuStar93
Frieza Plush by PikachuStar93
Levi Vegeta Video - Clip 2 by powderblue22
The Crossover- Dragon Ball Z Star Wars Stop-Motion by Jaylastar
Goku and Vegeta... are Jedi?! by Jaylastar
I Came To The Past To Save My Future by Knuxamyloverfan
Dragon Ball OC - Kashi by ShadOBabe
Super Sayian Godess by NovaSayajinGoku
Zedon by NovaSayajinGoku
The Beginning by NovaSayajinGoku
Future Trunks Cosplay by Nao-Dignity
Trunks vs Android 18 by Nao-Dignity
Trunks vs Android 18 by Nao-Dignity
Future Trunks Cosplay by Nao-Dignity




Welcome to Capsule Corp. HQ!

This is a Group made for the Briefs family from the Dragonball series. Please read over some of these simple rules before joining or submitting.

:bulletblue:If you want to join, you must be a fan of at least one of the characters
:bulletblue:Just press the "Join Our Group" button and you will be automatically accepted!
:bulletblue:If you wish to become a Contributor, NOTE THE CLUB and explain why you feel you should be on the admin team. All applicants will be looked over, so it may take a while to process the request.

:bulletred:SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDERS - If you are unsure what folder your piece should go in, send a note to the club with a link to the piece and one of the Admins will request it in the proper gallery folder.
:bulletred:If there is something you believe should be a folder, Note the club with the Folder idea. We are always open for suggestion
:bulletred:Anything with mature contend MUST have a block
:bulletred:We do not accept screenshots, tracings, or recolors. There is too much copywrite infringement that comes with them.
:bulletred:DO NOT submit art that someone else made unless you have their permission to do so.
:bulletred: All submissions must follow the deviantart rules (that should be a no-brainer)

:star:Other Rules:star:
:bulletgreen:Be nice to everyone and respect the opinions of other people.
:bulletgreen:No bashing anywhere in the group. It will be reported as spam.
:bulletgreen:If you have a question or concern, please note the club or on an appropriate Journal entry. Comments left on the front page will not be read.
:bulletgreen:Have fun!
It seems we have some confusion as to what goes in which folder, so I am writing this journal to explain that to everyone. Hopefully we can get all of this confusion cleared up. Also, some of the rules will be modified slightly to make everything easier to understand.

:bulletblue:FEATURED: The art in this folder can only contain the Briefs family. All art needs two votes to get into this folder
:bulletgreen:Capsule Corp: All Briefs family or the actual location of Capsule Corp. Anything with more than one of the Briefs will go here
:bulletblue:Bulma: For only Bulma or Bulma with one non-Briefs character. More than one other goes in Group folder
:bulletgreen:Vegeta: For only Vegeta or Vegeta with one non-Briefs character. More than one goes in Group folder
:bulletblue:Trunks: For only Trunks or Trunks with one non-Briefs character. More than one goes in Group folder
:bulletgreen:Bra: For only Bra or Bra with one non-Briefs character. More than one goes in Group folder
:bulletblue:Good Guys: Any good guy that is not a member of the Briefs family
:bulletgreen:Villains: Any villains that are not members of the Briefs family
:bulletblue:Group Pics: At least one Briefs with several other non-Briefs characters
:bulletgreen:Fan Comics and Doujinshi: Comic stuff
:bulletblue:OTP: All of your non-canon pairings and shippings
:bulletgreen:General Fanfiction: All fanfictions containing canon characters
:bulletblue:Customization: Wallpapers, icons, skins, and designs
:bulletgreen:Crossovers: Anything with characters that are not from DBZ (must contain at least one Briefs character)
:bulletblue:OCs: Your DBZ OCs go here
:bulletgreen:Cosplay: Cosplay and accessories
:bulletblue:Other: Anything that didn't fit into any of the other folders

The other Admins and I will go through the galleries and fix whatever may need to be fixed. These folder rules are effective now and forever (until we may change them). Thank you~
Allviran, Founder
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